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Relocation Services Offered

Relocating is both an exciting and nerve racking experience. Having been relocated numerous times both nationally and internationally and having worked with hundreds of clients being transferred, I understand all aspects of relocation.  My complete understanding of the area allows me to help clients become comfortable with their new locations quickly. The services I provide go beyond the traditional Real Estate transaction. I am happy to provide recommendations for shopping, restaurants, places to go and things to do. If you have specific needs, I will research them locally and will provide solutions. My goal as your representative is to make the transition as easy and fun as possible for my clients and their families.

Relocation Process


Telephone Consultation - to discuss the relocation timeframes, work location, client's priorities, possible neighborhoods and schools. The transferee is then asked to provide an email with their wants, needs and deal breakers. It is important to set expectations and discuss best means of communication.

Area Tours - half day or full day tours include the transferee's work location, potential neighborhoods, schools, retail locations and local attractions. Home tours are also possible during the tour.

Pre-approval for  Loan - Important for transferee to know purchase price and be competitive on offers.

House Hunting - Once we have narrowed down the parameters I will set up daily searches to keep the transferee up to date on the market and conditions. The transferee can mark homes they are interested in giving me a good idea of what interests them. I will preview, take additional images or videos of homes at the request of the transferee. When transferee is in the area we will go look at houses together. 

House Buying - Once a home has been selected I will do a complete analysis of the property for the transferee. I will research any concerns the client may have. Once we have reviewed the analysis and discussed the market conditions and options for the offer I will put together an offer for the purchase of the property. Once we have successfully negotiated the contract I will guide the transferee through the process including inspection, title and insurance.

After Purchase Continuing Support - I believe the continuing support after the purchase is critical. I will continue to offer advice, contractors and recommendations as needed. 

Throughout the relocation process the relationship usually becomes more than buyer and broker. I pride myself on the number of relocation clients I consider to be good friends as well.

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