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A few years ago, after watching my father go through the stages of Alzheimers, I realized that life is too short not to be happy. That is where the idea for RELOTIREMENT came from. Relotirement is the act of  relocating to where you want to be retired. The 1st step is deciding what makes you happy. You then have to work to make that happen. I also realized looking at different people that you must decide to get happy as you get older. You then have to work to make it happen or you will get old and miserable. As a Montana Real estate professional, I can help you find a place that makes you happy.

“The best experience we've had with a Real Estate Agent in our 15 years of buying and selling many houses. Greg made our house hunting experience a very positive one. The effort he made in understanding our needs and the analytical approach he used in helping to narrow down our options from the thousands of listings we saw online saved us a lot of time. His attention to detail and pragmatic, low-pressure approach has been a great experience for those who use him”                              Francis Gan
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